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Our Principal's Message

Life often presents us with many choices. Do we choose the safe path and go down the beaten track, maintaining the status quo? Or do we choose to do things differently, redefining success and tapping on the many opportunities that the world has to offer? A growth mindset is necessary in the 21st century. We must be reflective learners who have the courage to take the road less travelled – challenge existing norms, experiment with new ideas and gain new experiences – so as to achieve the breakthroughs to bring our school and society to greater heights.    

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, we need to have the courage to venture out of our comfort zone, beyond our local shores to explore and learn from others. An increasingly shrinking world has also blurred the boundaries between peoples and places. Having a growth mindset will enable us to be bold to broaden our horizons, and to connect and interact with people of various cultures and from different places, so as to promote greater understanding and more exchanges between us and the world.

Besides nurturing a growth mindset in our pupils, it is equally important to nurture the Singapore spirit, i.e., rootedness to Singapore. We need to create a generation of future leaders who love Singapore, are well-informed and who will contribute back to society. As we prepare our pupils for the challenges ahead, we need to develop in them a love for the country by creating positive school experiences and forging quality relationships in school. This will go a long way in helping to build a sense of belonging to the community where they can be gracious citizens of Singapore.

In this fast-paced technological world, we need to possess the competencies to be responsible creators and discerning users of the deluge of information to which we have access and to handle the ambiguity that lies ahead. We need to manage a world where there is no one right answer, and have the ability to understand issues from multiple perspectives. We need to be lifelong learners.

My staff and I believe that our YTPS Total Curriculum provides learning experiences that prepare our children for a VUCA future. Through our Total Curriculum Framework, comprising the twin components of KNL (Knowledge skills, Numeracy and Literacy) and CCLAS (Citizenship, Creativity, Leadership, Action and Service), the school aims to nurture our pupils to be Reflective Learners and Gracious Citizens. We believe that with the strong support from our internal partners – parents, Parent Support Group (PSG) and School Advisory Committee (SAC) – as well as external partners, the school will be able to develop pupils who are capable of striking out on new paths for themselves. We would like to thank all our partners-in-education for their support and we look forward to their continued support in 2017.

Ms Ang Mui Khoong