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Badminton is a very popular sport in Yew Tee Primary School. Besides helping us improve physically, it also improves our mental strength as we work under the pressure when we are playing a match.

It is truly an honour for me to be the Captain of the Badminton Senior Boys’ team this year. My team participated in the West Zone Badminton Championships this year and strived very hard for each and every match we played. Though we were did not make it to the Semi-Finals as we had lost by a narrow margin of 2-3, I think that the team played extremely well. 

Besides displaying all the skills we had learnt, we also showed good sportsmanship by not jeering and by encouraging each other during the matches. 

With the training of the experienced and committed coaches, I believe that the Boys’ and Girls’ team will be able to bring glory to our school next year.

Chng Lip Kuang (6Care, 2012)