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Boys Brigade

YTPS Boys’ Brigade 78J Singapore Company

It has been 11 years since the first BB parade in 2002. 78J has successfully groomed more than 170 boys who have since graduated and moved on in their lives. 

2012 Highlights

The objective was to expose the boys to the realities in society and that there are people who are really helpless and need the care from dedicated care-givers. It was also to help the boys realise how fortunate they are. Last year, the boys hosted 13 MINDS youths aged 12 -19 at an outing to the Singapore Science Centre, Omnimax Theatre. 

Camp Let’s Serve was a 3D/2N camp and was attended by 65 Boys from 26th to 28th May 2012. The objective was to teach the boys to use whatever ability that they have in order to serve others. 

This 4D/3N camp was attended by 54 Boys from 17th to 20th November. The objective was to teach the boys to be focused and make wise choices in life.  Part of the camp was the hallmark Family Event / Old Boys Reunion, in the form of a Games and Sports Event. This saw many family members participate in Tug-of-War, Captain’s Ball and a game of ball throwing. 
The boys participated in Share-A-Gift by collecting food items and donations over several Sundays. The beneficiaries were the St John’s Home for the Elderly Persons, St Andrew’s Cathedral Home for the Aged, and 12 individual families living at Block 535 Choa Chu Kang, Street 51.


What I enjoy in BB is that I have learnt many new skills, and some are not taught elsewhere, like setting up a campfire, outdoor cooking and archery. The word to describe my experience in BB is ‘FUN’!
Cheng Chun Yuan, CSM, 6 Integrity, 2012

After joining BB, I have learnt to be responsible, caring, respectful and to persevere in every task I am put in charge of. In BB, we learn drills, first-aid, knots, outdoor cooking, campfire preparation, compass reading and many other life skills. BB is also filled with fun as we play games such as Captain’s Ball, Poison Ball, Tug-of-War and many others.
Arief Jordan Kiong, ACSM, 6 Perseverance,2012

For the past three years in 78J, I have enjoyed the friendship forged between me and the officers and teachers. From the first day, I look forward to the camps and activities like BB Week. I have learnt much about respect and responsibility during camps. To continue to learn and embrace these values after I graduate from Yew Tee Primary School, I plan to come back to 78J to serve as one of the seniors.
Kee Cheng Rong, 6 Grace,2012