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Brownies are part of the Guiding Movement (Girl Guides Singapore) and is best described as the primary school version of Girl Guides. Guiding is an educational youth movement. It is open to all girls without distinction of creed, race, nationality or any other circumstance. 

Each girl will learn to be a responsible citizen and to lead a useful life. Our YTPS Brownies acquire knowledge and skills through a process of research and self-discovery in the form of “test work”. 

The Brownie Law

  1. A Brownie obeys and respects her elders.
  2. A Brownie thinks of others before herself.
  3. A Brownie tells the truth.
  4. A Brownie is neat and tidy.
  5. A Brownie is thrifty.
  6. A Brownie plays and works cheerfully.

Brownies get a sense of achievement in the following ways:
1) Earning their “Golden Bar”, “Golden Hand” and proficiency badges (skill and interest) via test work, field trips and other activities within the CCA
2) Developing a sense of camaraderie through games and action songs and other group activities
3) Volunteering their services in school events and fund-raising activities initiated by Girl Guides Singapore to nurture the spirit of giving and develop initiative and social skills in the process.

Programme Highlights

World Thinking Day Celebration @ Scape Park

The Brownies went to Scape Park to celebrate the most important day for Brownies with other Girl Guides and Brownies from all over Singapore. There were many wonderful performances and interesting songs sung.  

Brownies Cookies Project

The Brownies Cookies Project is one of the biggest fund raising projects for Girl Guides Singapore. The Brownies designed attractive posters and order forms to promote the sales during recess time to all YTPS pupils and teachers. Entrepreneurship through action was learnt. 

NEA Workshop

On 24 March, 3 Brownies attended the NEA workshop organised by the National Environment Agency. They learnt the importance of “3Rs” through many interactive activities. 

Uniform Group Challenge@ River Valley Primary School

On 31st of May, 2 Brownies & 2 BB boys attended the “Uniform Group Challenge” at River Valley Primary School. They learned many new skills like pitching tents, performing CPR, cooking outdoors and learning how to use the compass.