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Table Tennis

“Choul” – A familiar cry of triumph that is often heard whenever there is table-tennis training in the hall. The table-tennis players will look forward to attending the training each time. It is a time when we train, play and toil together as a team. 

Under the guidance of our coaches and teachers, our skills and fitness levels have improved. Most importantly, our team spirit has grown stronger and we are now more resilient. 

We would like to thank our coaches and teachers for their unwavering patience and support. We are also thankful for the friendly matches organised and the opportunities to play at tournaments as they have given us good exposure and valuable experiences. 

Although the team did not clinch any medal this year, our love for the game will not diminish. We will continue to train hard and work towards our dream of winning medals for the school next year. 

Ching Wan Kang (5 Integrity, 2012)