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Angklung and Kulintang Ensemble

In 2014, the Angklung Ensemble clinched a Distinction Award for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Instrumental Ensembles. In addition, the pupils embarked on many enriching learning journeys to learn more about the world of music and the angklung.

In preparation for SYF, the pupils learnt how to play ensemble pieces. The instructor, Mr. Aryanto Ahmad, had changed some parts of the songs to add more flavours to the songs. 

One of the pupils, Michael Shankar, shared that the experience provided the pupils with good exposure. It also improved their playing techniques and taught them to persevere.

Prior to the SYF, the ensemble performed at the school’s Performing Arts Night and at the Showcase 2016. 

One of the pupils, Sheron Ong, shared that she was glad to have the rare opportunity to perform in front of an audience at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC).

After the SYF AP, the ensemble participated in many musical experiences and activities held in collaboration with other organisations. The pupils were able to hone their musical skills in playing the angklung.

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