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Academic Talent Management

The Academic Talent Management Programme aims to stretch the potential of pupils who display the aptitude and attitude to acquire skills and concepts beyond the school’s set syllabus.  

Pupils are identified in the following ways:
  • P3 Gifted Education Test
  • Performance in school-based assessments from P3 to 6
  • Teachers’ recommendations based on class participation from P3 to 6

A pupil may be identified for one or more of these programmes:

Evolution – English Language

In Evolution, a range of customised programmes are organised to further hone the pupil’s English Language skills. These vary from year to year and may include creative writing workshops that lead to the publication of an anthology of short stories, journalism workshops and training in public speaking amongst others. There are also opportunities provided to train and expose pupils to external competitions or to emcee for school or cluster-based events. 

Little Scholars – Mother Tongue Languages

Little Scholars is run in three separate Mother Tongue languages. Pupils are exposed to enrichment workshops in Speech and Drama and Creative-writing. Opportunities are also provided for pupils to represent the school in various Mother Tongue Language competitions. 

Eminence - Mathematics

Pupils identified for Eminence attend regular Mathematics Olympiad training that prepares them for various Mathematics competitions, at both national and international levels. The programme aims to impart knowledge, skills and attitude through various non-routine and problem solving heuristics relevant to Mathematics competitions. The training further instils pupils’ interest, creativity, analytical thinking skills, spirit of learning through discovery and challenge in Mathematics.

Eureka - Science

Pupils identified for Eureka attend a range of training programmes to prepare them for the competitions that they are fielded in. The competitions selected involve the application of Practical Skills, Scientific Knowledge, Research and Investigative Skills.

Selected pupils in Eureka also attend the Science Olympiad Training that provides opportunities for them to explore and learn beyond the texts. Pupils are provided opportunities to design experiments, participate in competitions, conduct research and create activities that involve learning scientific concepts.