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English Language


To develop pupils who are confident and articulate users of the English Language.

Subject Overview



Source: 2010 English Language (Primary) Syllabus




In Yew Tee, we aim to develop effective language use amongst pupils. Pupils’ language use will be affected by the purpose, audience, context and culture (PACC) and their proficiency in language use is assessed by their attainment of the learning outcomes.


A two-pronged approach of building a strong foundation and providing rich language for all will be adopted. Pupils’ language use is reflected in the following areas of language learning:

  • Listening and Viewing
  • Reading and Viewing
  • Speaking and Representing
  • Writing and Representing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary


In the teaching and learning of EL in Yew Tee, the following principles are observed: 

Learning tasks and activities will be designed for pupils to learn the language in authentic and meaningful contexts of use.


Learners are at the centre of the teaching-learning process. Teaching will be differentiated according to pupils’ needs, abilities and interests.

Learning-focused interaction

The teacher will provide a rich environment for communication that will explicitly foster listening and speaking skills and focus on the achievement of the Learning Outcomes.


The areas of language learning will be taught in an integrated way, together with the use of relevant resources to provide multiple perspectives and meaningful connections.

Process orientation

The development of language skills and knowledge about language involves the teacher modelling and scaffolding processes for pupils.

Spiral progression

Skills, grammatical items, structures and various types of texts will be taught, revised and revisited at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication.


    Teaching and Learning of English Language at YTPS


    Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading


    STELLAR and Language Learning (P1-P5)
      Teaching and learning of English using more speaking and listening activities

      Children learn reading and writing using rich and interesting books, with discussions led by the teacher

      STELLAR is different because…
      Classroom environment is
      ☺ focused on children’s interaction rather than on teacher talk
      ☺ enriched with children’s written language
      ☺ filled with various reading materials for children’s use

      Programme Highlights

      Effective Presentation Skills Workshop:

      These workshops are conducted for P2-P4 pupils to equip them with skills to communicate effectively and confidently. A progressive approach is taken to ensure pupils can build on skills mastered in each academic year. The workshops are Speech & Drama (P2), Dramatic Storytelling (P3) & Public Speaking (P4).

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      Accelerated Readers

      Accelerated Readers is a web-based reading programme which encourages independent reading. The programme is catered to P2- P5 pupils. It aims to develop lifelong readers and learners by ensuring pupils read at the optimal level. Through attempting quizzes, pupils are given immediate feedback on aspects such as reading comprehension and vocabulary development.




      Read-with-me Nite

      Read-with-me Nite is a special night for Primary 1 pupils and their parents to indulge in pure reading pleasure. It aims to pique pupils’ interest in reading and to encourage parental involvement in cultivating good reading habits in their children.




      Read & Swop
      Read & Swop is a fun-filled activity for Primary Two pupils to share endearing stories and swop titles with their peers. Pupils have the opportunity to promote their favourite stories to their classmates and teachers.

      Recess Performance (P1 – P4)

      Recess Performance is a platform to showcase talents and hone public speaking skills. P1 to P4 pupils will be given opportunities to present what they have mastered to their peers, within a casual setting.   

      Programme for High Ability (HA) Pupils (P5 – P6)

      Selected top achievers in English Language will be invited to participate in Evolution Club. This is a customised programme that exposes pupils to a range of activities to further hone his/ her English Language skills. In this programme, pupils will be given the opportunity to represent the school in various competitions and may also be chosen to be the M.C (Master of Ceremonies) for school and cluster events.



        Speak in formal conversational English on a regular basis.

        Give your child opportunities to speak on any topic which may interest him/her. Get him/her to elaborate.

        Communicate with your child frequently.

        Create opportunities where your child listens to verbal instructions and checks for understanding of verbal cues.

        Encourage your child to watch/listen to good spoken English e.g. news broadcast
        Read with your child.

        Encourage your child to borrow books from the school and public libraries.

        Get your child to note useful words and phrases in a word bank book.

        Ask questions pertaining to the articles or books read to check for understanding.

        Expose your child to activities related to listening, speaking, writing and reading.