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Project Work

Project Work at Yew Tee Primary School is a 5 – year programme that is carried out from P1 to P5 and is based on a framework that covers 4 key areas of Knowledge Application, Communication, Collaboration and Independent Learning. These are aligned to the non-academic traits of Curiosity, Confidence and Co-operation (3Cs) which are important for a 21st century learner. Project Work is also an important platform for SEL (especially social awareness and management that is incorporated in the Collaboration segment) and character development based on the school’s character development goals and school values.

At YTPS, we adopt Creative Problem Solving (CPS) as the main pedagogical approach for PW, so that the pupils can approach their project task in an imaginative and innovative way. It is a tool that helps them to re-define the problems they face, come up with breakthrough ideas and then take action on these new ideas

Another key feature of PW at YTPS is the interdisciplinary nature of the tasks. The project at each level is anchored on a subject (EL, Math, Science, MT and Aesthetics). It taps on a designed Learning Journey used either as a key stimulus, springboard or as a culmination of the project.

Knowledge Application
Pupils will acquire the ability to make links across different areas of knowledge and to generate, develop and evaluate ideas and information so as to apply these skills to the project task.
Communication Pupils will acquire the skills to communicate effectively and to present ideas clearly and coherently to specific audience in both the written and oral forms.
Collaboration   Pupils will acquire collaborative skills through working in a team to achieve common goals.
Independent Learning   Pupils will be able to learn on their own, reflect on their learning and take appropriate actions to improve it. 


Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Anchor Subject

Visual Art



Mother - Tongue

English Language


Create an Animal Mask

Design an Itinerary

Construct a Floating Toy

Write a newspaper report

Create a
Video Clip

PW Domains

Pupil Vision Outcomes (PVO)









SEL Competencies




Knowledge Application






Independent Learning





Curiousity about Learning

ICT Skills

Type and edit short sentences using MS

Creating a MS Word document with colours and pictures

Creating a MS Powerpoint Presentation

Creating a MS Powerpoint Presentation with sound and animation

Creating a video clip with audio recording

NE Values

We have confidence in our future

No one owes Singapore a living 

No one owes Singapore a living 

We must preserve racial and religious harmony

Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong

Learning Journey

Singapore Zoo
(Kids World)

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Zoo

Sentosa - Images of Singapore

Little India & Chinatown Trail

Assessment for Project Work is summative and informal in nature. At the end of the project, an individual grade would be given for each of the 4 main domains of Project Work.

  1. Knowledge Application
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Independent learning

Pupils will be assessed using a set of performance rubrics, which would be communicated to pupils at the start of the project. Pupils will be assessed by teachers in the 4 domains stated above and the marks achieved will be translated into grades (A, B or C) and reflected in the report book.


Mode of Assessment








Animal Mask
ICT Skills

ICT SkillsActivity Sheets

Floating Toy
ICT Skills

PowerPoint Presentation
ICT Skills

Video Clip
ICT Skills


Show & Tell
5 written sentences

Itinerary with quiz

Oral Presentation
Procedural Text

Oral Presentation
Powerpoint Presentation script

Oral Presentation
Storyboard for video


Cooperative Learning Skills (Individual and Group)



Zoo Journal


Floating Toy (Decision & Problem Solving skills)

LJ Booklet
Activity Worksheets

Video Clip

Pupil Vision


Observable Behaviours as indicated in PVO document


Learning Journey to Sentosa, Images of Singapore


Sample of pupil’s work