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Staff Highlights

Synergistic Staff are committed to nurture pupils to be Reflective Learners and Gracious Citizens by actively:            
Engaging Minds
Touching Hearts
Inspiring Growth

YTPS HR Mission

To attract, develop and motivate a team of Synergistic Staff who care deeply for every pupil and are committed to:
Engage Minds cultivate the interest and passion for learning in the pupils

develop critical thinkers and self-directed learners
Touch Hearts ground our pupils firmly in strong moral values

develop every pupil in the areas of citizenry, creativity, leadership, action and service
Inspire Growth see possibilities in every child; that every child can and wants to learn

do everything possible to provide every pupil with rich and meaningful experiences

inspire every pupil to develop to his/her fullest potential

YTPS HR Principle & Belief

In line with our Culture of Care, we adopt the underlying principles advocated in Dr Daniel Kim’s Core Theory of Success


We believe that every member of the staff:
  • Has intrinsic worth
  • Can and wants to do his best for the pupils in school
  • Wants to grow as a professional


National Awards

Caring Teacher Award 2014
  • Mdm Bong Mei Yun Cynthia
  • Mdm Cheam Boon Sai Evelyn
  • Mdm Santhi James
  • Mdm Sum Wai Fun
  • Mrs Gillian Ting

National Day Public Administration Medal (Bronze) 2013

  • Ms Ang Mui Khoong

National Day Commendation Awards 2013

  • Mdm Noorismawaty  Bte Ismail
  • Mdm Junaina Bte Ahmad2009

School Awards 2015

My Partner Teacher Award (This is an SAC award for teachers who have been specially recognised by the pupils’ parents for their commitment to partnership)

  • Mdm Santhi James
  • Mdm Sum Wai Fun
  • Mdm Gwei Hwee Theng Angeline

Outstanding Contribution Award (Team Award)


  • Mdm Chua Lee Lin
  • Ms Kim Qingxian
  • Ms Lim Hwee Chen
  • Ms Lim Hwee Ching
  • Mdm Lim Wen Huey
  • Mdm Lu Yanyu
  • Mr Mohd Helmi B Abdul Jamil
  • Ms Ng Yaw Ling
  • Mdm Nor'Ashikin Bte Othman
  • Ms Pek Pei Yu
  • Mr Rodney Mohan
  • Mr Sharul Hisham B Ishak
  • Mdm Shima Shazwani Bte Noordin
  • Mr Tham Ying Wai
  • Mdm Winaseh Sumarni Bte Ahmad
  • Ms Yang Huiyi

Maths Morning Clinic

  • Mrs Ang Kok Cheng
  • Mrs Ng-Bek Lai Lee
  • Mdm Cheam Boon Sai Evelyn
  • Mr Chew Chee Wai
  • Mdm Chua Gek Tiang
  • Mdm Khan Miriam Rehana
  • Mdm Pay Soo Cheng
  • Mdm Tan Puay Puay
  • Ms Tan Sin Yee
  • Mdm Woo Hui Lyn Amy
  • Mr Wong Wei Xiang Darren
Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual)
  • Mdm Gwei Hwee Theng Angeline
  • Ms Norliza Ali Khan
  • Mdm Xiao Chuan

Staff Values Award 
  • Mdm Huang Er Mei
  • Ms Norliza Ali Khan
  • Mdm Noi Ah Fong

Staff Health Improvement Programme (HIP) 2015
Gold Star Award

  • Miss Tng Geok Khim

Gold Award
  • Miss Ler Jia Yi
  • Miss Soh Siew Cheng
  • Mdm Chang Mei Cheng
  • Mr Srijith
  • Mdm Norhana Johari
  • Mr Walter Dai


Silver Award

  • Mdm Angeline Gwei
  • Mdm Fadzilah
  • Mdm Neo Pauline
  • Mdm Tan Yoke Yin
  • Mdm Shavitha
  • Mdm Jessie Lim
  • Mdm Liu Bei Bei
  • Mdm Gilian Ting
  • Mdm Tan Meow Huang
  • Mdm Ng Yaw Ling
  • Mdm Sumarni
  • Miss Ng Minlin Kelly
  • Mdm Zheng Yue
  • Mdm Khairunnisa
  • Mdm Leong Ma Choo

Bronze Award
  • Mdm Sum Wai Fun
  • Miss Yang Huiyi
  • Miss Naseera Mubashir
Our Professional Learning Community
We aim to build a school-wide Professional Learning Community (PLC) by:
Creating an environment that promotes staff total well-being and cohesion
Empowering staff to innovate and excel in their work
Establishing a system to address professional development needs of staff

We use a 3 C Approach to build a PLC


Our Teachers and Allied Educators adopt Richard Dufour’s 3 Big Ideas in PLC
Ensuring Pupils Learn
Culture of collaboration
Focus on Outcomes

Our Executive & Administrative Staff (EAS) focus on SERVICE EXCELLENCE and aim to exemplify the Public Service Quality Service values of:
Effectiveness in all that they do
With every one playing their part to make a difference in Service Excellence

Staff Deployment (Teachers & AED Teaching & Learning)

Achieving the ‘Sweet Spot’

At YTPS, we aim to optimise our teaching resources to achieve our educational goals while ensuring well-being and job satisfaction among our teaching staff. We can think about how we can match our interests to school needs as illustrated in Diagram 1.  If a deployment such that most of us are ‘in’ the Sweet Spot – Zone of Proximal Engagement, then we would be more effective and able to find more joy in the things we do.
image003.pngDiagram 1 (Adapted from Swiss Cottage Secondary School)

In deploying teachers, we will be guided by staff deployment principles and will try our best to ‘situate’ everyone in their ‘sweet spots’.  If we are unable to do this for one year, we will work towards it in subsequent years.  

Deployment Principles
The School’s work allocation cycle is as follows:
Preference. Through staff deployment surveys and work review sessions, school management collates teachers’ preferences and requests for allocation;

Potential. Through the appraisal & ranking process, school management identifies teachers for leadership developmental roles such as LH/SH or Year Heads or Subject Co-ordinators & Level Subject Representatives.

Allocation. The school management does a preliminary allocation of workload based on school needs and goals;

Feedback. The preliminary allocation is shared with staff (if it is not indicated as a preference) for their feedback and concerns; and

Adjustment. Based on the feedback, the allocation is adjusted and the final allocation is communicated.

Workload allocation takes into account the school’s needs & goals, as determined in the school strategic plan.

Customization of 21st Century Skills in YTPS

PETALS Framework Implementation                                                 





 A 6-Year Developmental Plan for Teachers and AEDs

Implementation Year PETALS Areas Covered

Experience of Learning (HOW we engage)

Assessment (HOW we test and use test results to guide learning & teaching)
Learning Content
Pedagogy (HOW we teach)
2009 & 2010
Learning Content (WHAT we teach)

2013 PETALS & 21st CC FOCUS

Staff Learning Areas To Achieve Pupil Outcome Areas In…
Differentiated Instruction
Pupil-centric learning through better customisation
Experiences in Learning
Teacher-Pupil relationship, Pupil motivation
Social Emotional Competencies
Self-Directed Learning & Collaborative Learning
21st CC / Pupil Vision Outcomes

Pupil-centric learning through better customisation
Using Assessment to inform learning

Pupil - centric learning through better customisation