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Principal's Message

No matter what your ability is,
effort is what ignites that ability
and turns it into accomplishment.
-  Carol Dweck, Mindset 

What would the world look like for our students when they are a part of the workforce in the 2030s? What kind of a home would they create for fellow Singaporeans?

While these questions yield no simple answer, what we do know is that we want our students to be well-prepared for an increasingly complex and uncertain future.

Beyond equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to compete in the global arena, we need to ensure that they also have the skills to navigate uncertainty and thrive in the uncertain future. Integral to education is character development which forms the very foundation upon which YTPS develops our students holistically, equipping them with a moral compass to guide them towards making the right decisions in life. As the future is uncertain, we do not know what may lie ahead of us. However, what we do know for certain is that we need to be equipped to handle the challenges which lies ahead. We may not always succeed in the things we do, but what is important is to have the courage to try and the ability to learn from our mistakes and to keep trying. Our students need to have the perseverance to focus on their goals. We need to teach them to appreciate the journey and obstacles they have to overcome in getting to their goals. Importantly, they must have the moral courage to stand up for what is right and what they believe in and be true to themselves.

Hence, I strongly believe that the core essence of an educator’s role in YTPS is to imbibe in our students the core values espoused by the school – integrity, respect, responsibility, perseverance and care (IRRPC).

During their years of education in YTPS, my staff and I work towards enabling all students to be individuals of sound character, grounded in our IRRPC, so that they can become active contributing members of our society. Learning opportunities are provided through the YTPS Total Curriculum and programmes developed by my staff, key of which are our Applied Learning Programme DREAM and Learning for Life Programme HEROES . Additionally, we hope that their foundational years in YTPS will put them in good stead for the uncertain future.

The school will not be able to accomplish the above alone. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our partners in education – our parents, Parent Support Group and School Advisory Committee – for their strong partnership. I look forward to their continued support as we bring YTPS to the next level of its development. Lastly, I would like to encourage all parents to support your children in pursuing their dreams and aspirations as they learn to live the YTPS vision ‘Reflective Learners, Gracious Citizens’.

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Ms Ang Mui Khoong