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School Safety Security


A safe school for all


To provide a safe and conducive environment for work and play


Safety mindset and policies
Alert staff and pupils
Focused action
Efficient practices


1. All visitors entering the school compound must report to the security guards at the front gate. Security guards on duty will record the particulars of visitors, including the NRIC details, the time of arrival and departure in the log book. This is to enable tracing of visitor movement. Visitors will be issued with a visitor pass which they must display prominently at all times. 

2. All visitors to the school, including parents and guardians, must first report to the office. No parent or guardian or other visitors may proceed directly to the class; instead the pupil concerned should meet the parent / guardian in the office.

3. All visitors must be accompanied by staff members if they are to proceed beyond the canteen and office areas and to the upper floors of the school buildings. Teachers and prefects / monitors should redirect all parents / guardians who proceed to the classroom, to the office. The exception will be contractors who are authorised by OM as well as relief teachers or support staff who are issued access passes.

4. No pupil is to leave or be taken out of the school premises (even if accompanied by parents/guardians) unless endorsed by school staff. Pupils with external examinations, e.g. ballet or music, are to seek prior permission from the form teacher with the relevant documents, e.g. letter on ABRSM examination, etc. Pupils are not to leave school if the break between lessons (e.g. enhanced curriculum) is half an hour or below.

5. The school will request and record the particulars of the person taking the pupil out of the school premises.