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Applied Learning Programme - DREAM


The school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is focused on Developing Reflective learners and Empowering creAtive Minds (otherwise known as DREAM@YTPS). It leverages collaborative learning and creative problem solving through projects in authentic contexts to help students acquire critical 21st Century Skills. These life skills will help students to be future ready and better prepared to face the challenges of a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

All P1 to P6 students are encouraged to DREAM@YTPS based on the following framework:

Knowledge Application Students learn to make links across different areas of knowledge by generating, developing and evaluating ideas/information for application to a real world project task.
Communication Students learn to communicate effectively through the clear and coherent presentation of their ideas to specific audiences in both written and oral forms.
Collaboration Students learn collaborative skills by working in a team to achieve a common goal.
Independent Learning Students learn thinking processes that help them learn on their own, reflect on their learning and find creative solutions for growth and improvement.

Through DREAM@YTPS, students build the character qualities of curiosity, confidence and co-operation that can help them excel in whatever they do.

Programme Highlights

A key feature of DREAM@YTPS is the interdisciplinary nature of project tasks. Projects at each level are anchored by a subject (such as English Language, Mathematics, Mother Tongue Language or Aesthetics), integrated with Values-in-Action, and taps on a specifically designed Learning Journey as a key stimulus, pre-task springboard or post-project to deepen learning.

The ALP Team

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Mr Jegendren Tanapal 
Ms Tan Sin Yee
Mdm Neo Pauline 
Mdm Rashitha Bibi Bte Abdul Hameed
Mdm Cheung Ka Lai Ms Ong Si Pei Carlyn 
Mdm Khairunnisa Bte Sazali