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Character and Citizenship Education

The school takes an integrated approach to Character & Citizenship Education (CCE), where values underpin both the Curriculum and the Co-curriculum to nurture every child into Reflective Learners, Gracious Citizens. This stems from our belief that every child has intrinsic worth, can and wants to learn, and should contribute as gracious and responsible citizens of the world. As such, our teachers care deeply and infuse CCE or teach it explicitly in the classroom, create experiences to internalise values and strengthen rootedness through school/level/CCA activities, and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and develop positive behaviour.

Synthesising all these into a coherent experience for the children is the school’s signature Citizenship, Creativity, Leadership, Action and Service (CCLAS) platform – an enabler in our Total Curriculum Framework (TCF) that was adapted from the International Baccalaureate Programme as well as the National Youth Achievement Award. Every child joining our school thus embarks on a journey of self-discovery to maximise their potential, through experiential learning in these five domains that challenge them to grow personally and interpersonally, with civic and social mindedness regardless of their starting point.

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Subject Head
Mr Sairamprabhu (SH/CCE)
Mr Rodney Mohan (SH/Discipline) 
Mdm Winaseh Sumarni (SH/Student Well Being)

Mdm Chen Ming Zhu
Mdm Khairunnisa Bte Sazali
Mdm Lekha
Mdm Leong Ma Choo
Mdm Liu Bei Bei
Mdm Norhana Juhari
Mdm Roslinda Bte Omar
Mdm Roslindah Bte Buang Sidik
Mdm Sum Wai Fun
Mr Goh Leong Poon Dave
Mr K Sreedraran Nair
Ms Isdasusianty Ismail
Ms Tan Chwee Ngee
Leadership & Service

Mdm Cynthia Bong (ST/CCE)
Ms Lim Poh Li (CCE Coordinator)
Mdm Loh Huey Luen (AED/Teaching & Learning)
Mdm Nor’ashikin Binte Othman
Mdm Tan Chai Hia
Mdm Xiao Chuan
Mr Mohammed Najeeb
Ms Cheng Boon Ling
Ms Naseera Binte Mubashir
Ms Zheng Kejun
Ms Zhuo Miaolin
Student Well Being & Management

Mrs Cheng Sai Tuan (School Counsellor)
Ms Nicole Lu (AED/Counsellor)
Ms Amber Ng (AED/Learning & Behaviour Support)
Mdm Nur Haini Hassan (AED/Teaching & Learning)
Mdm Siti Nurliana Binte Rosli (AED/Teaching & Learning)
Mdm Santhi James
Mdm Sarifah Hasliza
Ms Pang Huey Yee
Ms Shehnam Khan

Programme Highlights


Rootedness and a sense of belonging are key to Citizenship experiences within the school and its importance is highlighted by its place as the first domain of CCLAS and articulated as Gracious Citizens in the school vision. In addition, students learn about the Singapore Spirit through the Yew Tee Primary Heritage Trail, which traces the humble beginnings of the community and nation to its modern transformation. By leveraging on the Joy of Learning through the trail, students make the connection that they too can have a promising future if they adopt and develop the Singapore Spirit.


The school believes that every student can become a leader and takes an evidence-based values-driven approach to leadership development that is adapted from The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kouzes and Posner. Commonly known as The Leadership Challenge, it guides the provision of training, opportunities, knowledge and skills development of students so that they can lead themselves, try to lead others and aspire to lead the school. This culminates in the annual Student Leaders’ Assemblée, a mini-conference which serves to broaden leadership perspective and improve leadership skills.


Values-in-Action within the school is progressive in nature, and starts with student awareness of service opportunities at home, then school and followed by community needs. It is also focused on the two core domains of The Environment and The Elderly, to address the future challenges of sustainable development and an aging population. This is grounded in authentic learning experiences by its integration with project work as part of the Applied Learning Programme; with its outcomes serving as platforms for the learning and demonstration of values.

Student Wellbeing & Management

The school’s approach to pupil wellbeing and management is best encapsulated by the School Mission of Engaging Minds, Touching Hearts, Inspiring Growth – which implies creating the Awareness, nurturing the Attitude, and developing positive Action in each child within a culture of safety and care. This means that each child’s development is at the centre of all we do – whether that is in providing educational career guidance, building social emotional competencies, encouraging resilience and motivation or even cultivating student discipline through restorative practices.

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