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Physical Education & Aesthetics

The school believes that the participation and pursuit of physical activities and sports enriches students’ lives and particularly at the primary level where children are still developing physically, the proper development of physical skills, practices and values will allow them to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.

Similarly, a sensitivity to the Aesthetics gives students an awareness of beauty that creates memories, communicates ideas and evokes emotions so that they can better understand, engage with and enjoy the world they live in. Creating art or music also engenders creativity and self-worth as students learn to reflect on and express their individuality and uniqueness.

This is why the department is committed to ensuring a strong foundation for every student in Physical Education, Art and Music. Physical Education and Co-curricular Activities also support the Action component while Art and Music drives the Creativity aspect of the school’s CCLAS approach to character development.

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Head of Department
Mdm Chang Mei Cheng
Subject Head
Ms Pek Pei Yu (SH PE/CCA)
Mr Mohd HelmiMr Loh Shao Wei
Mr Tham Ying Wai 
Mdm Chua Lee Lin
Mr Rodney MohanMr Tok Wei Yuan
Ms Janet Wong
Ms Tan Xian Li, Cheris
Ms Jasmine Yap Poh ChooMr Lai Yong Hui 
Mdm Tan Sin Min

Programme Highlights

Physical Education

To move is to live - Learning in movement, through movement and about movement. 

Arts Education

art education.jpg

Creating and expressing through various medium such as Ceramics, Printmaking and Outdoor Sketching. 

Music Education

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Appreciating and making music through singing games, with instruments and cultural songs as well as GarageBand. 

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