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English Language

The school believes that a strong proficiency in English helps students to process and keep up with information in a world where English is the main language of communication, connect with the wider community and eventually access the opportunities of a knowledge-based economy. This is why the development of effective language use amongst students that is determined by their purpose, audience, context and culture guides the department in building a strong foundation and providing rich language for all.

Students’ work in the areas of language learning such as listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary is shaped by tasks/activities designed to facilitate learning of the language in authentic and meaningful contexts. Moreover, teachers will provide a rich environment for communication that fosters listening/speaking skills with a focus on achieving the learning outcomes. This means that language learning will be taught in an integrated way, with the use of relevant resources that support multiple perspectives and meaningful connections. Teachers also model and scaffold the development of knowledge and skills, taking care to put students at the centre of teaching-learning and differentiating instruction according to the students’ needs, abilities and interests. As such, students will be given time to learn, with skills, grammatical items, structures and various types of texts being taught, revised and revisited at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication over six years.

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External Links (to MOE sites for key information/ programme)

MOE English Syllabus


STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR)

Programme Highlights

Read With Me

A special event organized for Primary 1 students and their parents, Read With Me encourages our little ones as well as parents to indulge in pure reading pleasure. It aims to pique students’ interest in reading and to encourage parental involvement in cultivating good reading habits in their children.

Recess Performance

This is a platform to showcase talent and hone public speaking skills, our students present what they have learnt about effective presentation with their peers, in a casual setting. Students are able to recite poetry, present a big book story, complete with song and actions or even tell their peers an interesting story!

Mdm Lekha
Mr S Srijith
 Ms Norliza Bte Ali Khan [ST/EL] Mdm Nor'Ashikin Othman
Mdm Khairunnisa Sazali  Mdm Norhana Juhari
 Mdm Santhi JamesMr Teo Guo Shun Eugene 
 Mdm Shehnam KhanMdm Cynthia Bong (ST/CCE) 
 Mr Alam Bin Naser
Mdm Winaseh Sumarni
  Mdm Neo Pauline Mr Sim Bee Keat
 Mdm Fadzilah MK [YH(P1/2)]
Mdm Siti Nuraisah Bte Buang 
Mdm Munalizah Bte AjisMs Melissa Choy Min Er