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The school believes that a strong grounding in Mathematics trains the mind and develops the capacity to think logically, critically, abstractly and creatively. These are important 21st century competencies that underpin much of everyday life, support learning in many fields of study, and give students an advantage in a wide range of economic activities, innovative work and entrepreneurial endeavours.

This is why ensuring that all students achieve a level of mathematics mastery that will serve them well in life, and supporting those with the interest and ability to pursue it at the highest possible level is the overarching aim that drives the efforts of the department. Teaching and learning is organised in a way that helps students acquire and apply mathematical concepts and skills; develop cognitive and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving; and nurturing positive attitudes towards mathematics.

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Head of Department
Mdm Miriam Khan
Subject Head
Mdm Evelyn Cheam
Mdm Chua Gek Tiang (ST/Math) Mdm Angeline Gwei Hwee Theng (ST/Math)
Mdm Irma Bte Hassan Ms Tan Sin Yee
Mdm Roslinda Binte Omar Mdm Amy Woo Hui Lyn
Mdm Leong Ma Choo Mdm Tan Puay Puay
Mr Danny Asmara Bin Rahman
Mdm Pay Soo Cheng
Mdm Chee Po Lean Mdm Siti Nurliana Bte Rosli 
Mr Dav Goh Leong PoonMdm Norazizah Bte Noordin
Ms Norhana Bte Halil Mdm Nur Haini Bte Hassan
Ms Thor Zhi Ling Emmaline

Programme Highlights

Learning Mathematics through Songs

Students learn Mathematics in a fun way by incorporating Math concepts and names of animals into song lyrics after visiting the zoo.

Mathematics Trail in School

A Mathematics Trail provides opportunities for students to apply mathematical skills to solve real-life problems. Students develop an appreciation and enjoyment of Mathematics in everyday situations by completing different tasks around the school.

Interdisciplinary Trail at the Botanic Gardens

Students complete a variety of activities ranging from bark-rubbing, to solving English puzzles and calculating the entrance fees in a 2-hour inter-disciplinary field trip to Singapore’s UNESCO World Heritage park.

Math Discovery at YTPS

Students go on a problem-solving expedition within the school compound to discover that Mathematics can be found everywhere. They collect data, take measurements and discuss mathematical concepts/strategies before working out their solutions.

Learning out of the classroom is a fundamental part of every student’s experience and this helps students to be more observant about their immediate environment, and provide opportunities for them to think and talk about mathematics.

E2K Mathematics Programme

E2K Mathematics Programme is an enrichment programme developed by the Israel Centre for Excellence through Education for Upper Primary pupils who demonstrated interest and ability in Mathematics. This programme aims to develop independence in mathematical thinking using constructivist concepts, in which the pupils create links between prior knowledge and new knowledge.

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