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Mother Tongue Language

The school believes that the Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) are important bearers of culture and a source of social belonging and identity. This is why fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of culture, and cultivating a positive attitude towards life and people underpins the department’s efforts to develop in students a strong foundation in their respective MTLs.

Key to this is an emphasis on the core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; a focus on interaction skills; tailoring instruction to different learning needs of students; and engaging lessons and resources that capture students’ interest.

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Head of Department
Mdm Tan Hsuen Fang
Subject Head
Mr Mohamad Najeeb Abdul Majid ( Malay Language )
Mrs Tan Yoke Yin (YH) Mdm Yang Lili
Mr Gwee Yee Tat Ryan (HOD ICT) Mr Wong Song Pei
Miss Lim Hwee Chen (LT/CL) Miss Lim Poh Li
Mdm Tan Meow Huang (ST/CL) Mdm Siti Nazhira Bte Mohd Aini
Mdm Lim Wen Huey (ST/CL) Mdm Cheung Ka Lai
Mdm Liu Beibei Mdm Chen Mingzhu
Miss Cheng Boon Ling Mr Sairamprabhu (SH/CCE)
Mdm Tan Chai Hia Mdm Rashitha Bibi Abdul Hameed
Miss Kim QingXian Mdm Shavitha Jamna Ramakrishnan
Mdm Xiao Chuan Mdm Hartini Sanin
Ms Tan Su Ting 
Miss Isdasusianty Ismail
 Ms Zhao Jun

Programme Highlights

Reading Programmes

A love for reading accelerates language development and to nurture this, students read extensively through a structured programme from Primary One to Six. At the same time, students also learn character development and sound moral values through the experience and power of stories.

Mother Tongue (MTL) Fortnight

A platform to enhance the authentic learning of language, the MTL Fortnight activities leverage cultural experiences that allow students to understand and learn MTL in context and as living languages.

Public Speaking (Best Speaker Challenge)

To develop confidence in communication, students are trained and given opportunities to experience public speaking at various platforms such as school concerts, celebrations and during recess throughout the year. The Best Speaker Challenge acknowledges those who have put in effort and performed well as a confident speaker.

Festive Celebrations

The communal celebration of different festivals are leveraged to help students learn and appreciate Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage. By participating in one another’s cultural traditions, students gain insights about people who may be different from themselves, and this fosters acceptance and responsibility towards others. It also creates common experiences and shared memories to help strengthen a sense of belonging to the nation.

Little Scholars

MTL high progress learners are stretched through enrichment activities and/or external competitions to 
help them fulfill their potential in the language.

Internationalisation Programme

Overseas immersion experiences are values-based and customised to enable understanding of local culture and history, foster respect for different cultural practices and to develop 21st Century Competencies such as global 
perspectives and social skills.

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