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The school believes that a strong foundation in Science gives students the best preparation to function in, leverage on and contribute to an increasingly technologically-driven world. Central to the teaching of Science is the spirit of inquiry allied to the roles it plays in daily life, society and the environment to make the learning of Science meaningful and useful.

This is why the Science department adopts the 5-E instructional model of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate to provide students with structured science experiences that develop their sense of curiosity and wonder, and nurture them to be confident learners, critical thinkers and active inquirers.

To support its aims of promoting Science learning and interest, developing process and thinking skills and cultivating an appreciation of nature; the department also organises a series of programmes and competitions under the umbrella of its Investigate to Innovate (i2i) platform to ensure students have a range of opportunities to foster innovative thinking and to solve problems creatively.

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Level Head
Mdm Siti Zaleha
Mr Woon Kin Chong (ST/ Science) Mr Jegendren Tanapal (AYH Internal)
Ms Ong Si Pei Carlyn Ms Yang Huiyi
Mr K. Sreedraran Nair Mdm Sum Wai Fun
Mdm Fong Yin Kuan
Mdm Rozalina Mohamed Yahya
Mr Wong Wei Xiang Darren Ms Yasmin Sultanah
Mdm Ng Yaw Ling Mdm Joyce Lim Ying Ying 

Programme Highlights

i2i Programmes and Competitions

Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA)

Students design and create toys that function based on scientific principles and participate in Singapore’s largest toy-making competition.

Moreover, connections to meaningful contexts are made where possible to enrich students’ learning and interest, and to help them apply concepts learnt. For example, toy design is incorporated into P5 Enhanced Lesson and P6 Science lessons on Forces.

Outdoor Experiential Learning (OEL)

Learning of Science is not limited to inside the classrooms or Science labs. Instead of traditional classroom teaching, OEL evokes the spirit of inquiry and stimulates curiosity. Students use specially designed OEL spaces for their Science lessons for authentic learning and to encourage them to become self-directed learners.

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