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Learning for Life Programme - HEROES


The school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is about creating experiences that are Holistic, Enriching, and Rewarding in Outdoor Education and Sports (that is termed as HEROES@YTPS). It provides students with an environment to build a strong foundation for continual growth that leads to improved physical, social and emotional wellbeing. By promoting active participation in physical activities and inculcating a lifelong love for sports and the outdoors, students are challenged to be HEROES@YTPS through opportunities to acquire fundamental motor skills, try a variety of sporting experiences, participate recreationally in physical activities and compete in the areas they excel in. 

This means that students learn to make choices on participation based on interest and ability, even as they are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to lead a physically active lifestyle. Their choices and experiences also serve as platforms to build character, team spirit and responsibility, and promote social integration and racial harmony.

Programme Highlights

HEROES@YTPS leverages existing curricular and co-curricular processes and focuses on four key strategic areas (1) Instructional Programmes, (2) Co-curricular Programmes, (3) Leadership Development and (4) Recognition.

Instructional & Co-Curricular Programmes

Physical Education and Outdoor Education (OE) lessons emphasise the interconnectedness of the school values, social emotional competencies, civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills that are crucial for the 21st century. 

A series of major sports events (once a year over six years), a cohort Outdoor Adventure Camp, and Co-curricular Activities serve as platforms for students to apply skills that they have learnt. These are underpinned by the school’s approach to reflection. The 3A approach of Awareness, Attitude and Activate helps students move from the perception and processing continuum to action, and connect what they feel, think and do.

Butterfly Series

Chrysalis Series

Caterpillar Series

P4 Adventure Camp

Leadership Development & Recognition

Sports Leaders are developed to champion Sports and OE, school programmes and student-initiated projects. These include projects in areas such as Values-in-action, Sports Fiesta and National Education events where pupils are involved in the planning and organisation.

Students who demonstrate the ability to turn challenges into opportunities, show resilience and perseverance in most activities and who are able to work with classmates and schoolmates of different gender and race are formally recognised.

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