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Parent Support Group 


The school places importance and value on its partnership with parents as they are the principal nurturer in the development of every pupil. Parents are the school’s key stakeholders. Hence, their feedback and support is essential in the pupil’s development.

A three-pronged approach is used to foster and establish this partnership:

Establishing and maintaining a clear structure for communication
Establishing a clear and efficient parent involvement structure
Partnering with parents for targeted or customised behaviour or learning support


The school understands and maintains an open, two-way communication via both formal and informal platforms:

 Formal Platforms 

Level Briefing Sessions at the start of each academic year

Parent Leaders Focused Group Dialogue Sessions once a year. This platform is used to communicate school directions, set goals and expectations, and to gather feedback on school initiatives.

Parent-Teacher Dialogue Session at mid-year

Face-to-face meeting sessions with relevant school personnel for pupils with special needs

E-portal is used to keep parents informed about school activities, events and achievements.

Parents can also view the pupils’ attendance, photographs, events and activities in the e-portal, which is updated regularly

Termly letters from the principal serve to update parents on the latest information, eg, pupil achievements, assessments and school developments, etc

 Informal Platforms 

Tele-conversations initiated both ways, informal face-to-face meetings between parents and relevant personnel as required. Teachers and parents also communicate through notes written in pupils’ handbook.The e-mail addresses of all the teachers, key personnel and school leaders are communicated to parents to enable them to have ready access.

 Parent Involvement Structure 

Each class has a class leader and each level, a level leader. They are appointed to oversee communication and parent involvement at class level and standard level. They render assistance in a variety of programmes from teaching and learning to co-curricular programmes to support experiential learning for our pupils.

All parents are invited for programmes such as Classroom Experience and also to major school events such Sports Fiesta, Prize-Giving Day, the P6 Graduation Ceremony and National Day Celebrations.