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Parent Support Group Chairman Message

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to the PSG Exco for the wonderful year working together to support school and one another.  I would also like to thank all parents who have stepped up to volunteer and support our PSG activities and initiatives.

It takes a holistic approach to build one’s character and as parents, we play a vital role in partnering the school to nurture our children to grow up to be ‘Reflective Learners, Gracious Citizens’. Though the PSG is set up by parents from different works of life, we share a common goal to support this home-school partnership, and share the same core values – integrity, respect, responsibility, perseverance and care – that will help mould the character of our children for the future.

Year 2017 was another successful year for YTPS PSG. Through the network of Parent Level Leaders and Class Leaders, we were able to keep more parents updated on the progress of our students’ sporting journeys.  I am heartened to see many YTPS parents coming to cheer on our young athletes and experience first-hand our YTPS athletes’ display of their character and YTPS values (perseverance, integrity, care and respect) when they represent YTPS.  I am looking forward to having such fantastic experience working with all parents in 2018.

All parents understand the importance of home-school partnership. The more involved we are as parents, the more we are able to complement the school to improve our children’s well-being and learning. At the same time, by getting to know more fellow parents, we are able to lend support to one another through our diverse talents and experiences.

As the PSG Chairperson, I would like to encourage more parents to join our YTPS PSG ‘family’ to support the school, our children and fellow parents, so as to create a more conducive learning environment for our children.

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Mr Alex Loh

PSG Chairperson